About AbdulAziz Al Muhana Law Firm

The law firm of Abdul-Aziz almuhana is specialized in providing legal advice to meet the requirements of different clients, whether their legal personality is a person or entity, through a working group composed of a number of lawyers practicing in their fields, whether they are full-time workers or collaborators.

And aimed at our firm to provide legal services uniquely through the performance of the tasks entrusted to us with accuracy to ensure the best results and offer the most appropriate solutions, relying on our expertise in legal work and all business related to investment, start-up companies, dissolution, the preparation of contracts as well as extensive experience in the preparation of lawsuits and litigating them at all courts and in all stages of litigation.


Our Services

Services provided to clients

  • Representing clients before specialized authorities judicial committees, public sector companies and government bodies.
  • Legal advisory and outsourcing services on various legal matters that are required to be studied.
  • Providing legal aid services to beneficiaries who aren’t able to afford representation before various authorities regarding labor disputes, criminal cases, rights to custody and alimony.